The Inner city Bike…kind of weird looking.

John February 6, 2011 0

inner city bike rideCheck out this bike…it’s called an Inner City Bike and from what I can tell from their website, this is the hippest thing I have ever seen in my entire life…just look at the gallery and the dude riding the bike, pretty decked out in some fancy clothes…anyways, I don’t know why I brought that up…just some funny atire and facial hair for a dude riding a bike in Michigan.  But on to the bike…sorta weird (as you can tell)…theres no chain on this bitch so it is pretty much a unicycle with a front wheel and handlebars.  Would that make it be considered a fixed gear?  Crunch Gear referred to this bike as “minimalist’s fixed-gear.”  Pretty much they removed all the mechanical elements of a bike until all that is left is a “unicycle with a front wheel and handlebars.”  The bike still has a front brake which looks absolutely necessary to me…other than that it is pretty simple and broken down into the simplest form of a bike, much like a fixie…I just don’t think I will be trading my bike in for this anytime soon…it looks like something only some rich, modern dude would own.

inner city bike

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