Where to get Weed Socks!

John February 8, 2013 1

If you are hip enough to be riding a fixed gear bicycle or at least reading a fixed gear bike blog, then you have probably seen some of these marijuana print socks, aka Weed Socks, being sported in your local hang outs.  These things have been blowing up lately!  As with most trends and fads, this all started with skateboarding.  HUF SF started doing some pretty sick pieces with weed leaf print and that eventually blossomed into the craze that is now known as HUF Plant Life socks.

huf fall 2012

I have seen people of all ages sporting these popular feet accessories.  I actually really like the marijuana socks, its just hard not to joke about something like weed socks.  A few years ago if you were caught wearing weed print anything, you would have probably been called a weirdo or a loser…thank God for fashionable young people and rappers…weed print clothing is not just for rednecks anymore!  I think moms actually buy these things for their kids…sick.

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  1. Jay February 8, 2013 at 9:47 pm -

    Thanks for the shoutout!

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