Charge Bicycles, Cool Fixed Videos.

John March 14, 2009 0

Maybe you have already heard of Charge, but if not…all you really need to know is that it is a pretty cool company.  Basically, they area small bicycle company that is based and ran out of the UK…a big hot spot for fixed gears right now.  They make a number of different style bikes…everything from cross country, to dirt bikes, to our favorite…fixed gears.  They have a number of different models in the fixed gear category, but I already have my favorite model in mind…the Plug Freestyler!  You can see this badboy right below.

This bike is really a lot like a cross over between fixed gear and BMX; this sort of makes sense because many of the fixed gear tricks and progression we have been seeing, stem from earlier BMX tricks…kind of a cool progression.  Another good thing about Charge, is their videos.  They have a cool little video player with a few neat fixed videos…check that out right here.

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