Red Hook Night Criterium 2009

John March 30, 2009 0

I found this video over at Bike Blog NYC.  This is a video covering the Red Hook Night Criterium race this year in New York City.  This was a cool race that took place a few days ago on March, 28th.  The guys over at Bike Blog NYC have it down pretty well when they described it.

“This race can best be described as a hybrid street criterium and caters to the strange half-breed racer type that is a combination of glory chasing scenester and ultra competitive road racing athlete.”

This was a pretty cool race, lots of good coverage of the event…I wish I coulda been there to watch.  Anyways, check out the video below for an up close view of the race…all in all, this was a very well done event and I look forward to seeing more like it soon.

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