Trailer Park Boys…I’m so late again

John March 11, 2011 0

Really, I am the last person to find out about funny shit on tv, internet and netflix…here is a prime example, Trailer Park Boys…this show is so damn funny, so is the movie.  Take a wild guess as to what it is about?  you got it, dudes in a trailer park…but what makes this show even better is the fact that it is Canadian and they all speak like Canadians.  I’m from the Southeast so when i think of dudes in a trailer park, I am thinking rednecks who have real thick redneck accents.  These guys are so candian…they say “abooot” and shit like that…good stuff.  No fixed gear bikes in the show, but i just felt i needed to share this information with the world in case there are still any dudes like me who have never heard of this amazing show.  Check out the trailer for the trailer park boys movie, that thing was hilarious too.

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