Giant Chixie – World’s First Fixie for Girls

John April 25, 2010 0

Check this one out…the Giant Chixie.  It appears to be the first women’s specific fixed gear bike…or at least that’s what I’m hearing through the grapevine.  This is definitely an interesting bike…I think it looks pretty cool…the brushed aluminum with blue finishing looks sick.  This bike appears to be a pretty good value and its also not very heavy.

The frame of this bike is the exact female equivalent of the Giant Bowery 72…however, Giant did not include information on geometry on the Chixie web page.  They do provide geometry on the Bowery and according to the biggest difference between the Chixie and the Bowery is that the top tube is shorter.   The various components of this bike were definitely assembled with women in mind…the stem is shorter, and the riser bars are narrower than they would be on an equivalent male’s bike.  The cranks on this bike are the same length which makes sense…most women have longer legs and shorter torsos than the same height man.

This bike is a 46T Sugino Messenger crankset with an 18T flip flop hub…so you can freewheel it if you want…the bike is also outfitted with front and rear brakes so you don’t have to worry about learning to skid right away.  This is a pretty sick bike…ladies, leave a comment and let us know what you think about it!

giant chixie rear brake

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