Give Morrissey a Cool Shirt Design!!! Morrissey photoshop contest!

John April 19, 2011 2

Check it out…i got one of those Bamboo pen and touch templates the other day and it is so fuckin fun…i got it because i am in no way a graphic designer or website builder and thought it would be fun to just doodle shit from this pad and throw it on here…maybe make this piece of junk website look a little better.  Anyways, i got to messing around with this picture of Morrissey because I love Morrissey and wanted to photoshop a shirt with the blog on it or something…but before I could finish making it, I thought, “let me just post the picture of moz in a blank tee so that if anyone else loves Morrissey and wants to put something on his shirt they can.”  so thats what i am doing…make a shirt for Morrissey and e-mail it to me at

I would love to see some sick shirts…hit it, go on do it….give morrissey the best tee shirt!  Still got some tee shirts left to give away…BEST DESIGN GETS A BIKE TEE!

morrissey shirt blank


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