How to Stop on a Fixed Gear Bike.

John April 29, 2009 0

In my everyday browsing of multiple message boards and websites, there are a few things I keep coming across over and over…more so in the new sections of the message boards, and that is how to stop on a fixed gear bicycle…Ideally you would just use the front bicycle brake, which is what you probably should have if you are new to the activity…but then again, if you are too cool for the brake then you need to know how to skid stop on a fixed gear.  This is a very important concept that many people dont really understand…its simply locking your legs so that it forces the back tire to stop and skid…it is about as efficient as using a brake…but it greatly increases the risk of an accident.  Think about it…if your chain breaks, how are you going to stop?  You put too many of your eggs in one basket when relying on skid stopping as your only means for stopping.  Get a Brake!

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