Tec9 Fixed Gear 46T Crankset

John April 11, 2010 0

Check out the auctions on these Tec9 Cranksets available for sale through eBay…these are pretty good cranksets at a pretty good price.  Tec9 offers a variety of different colors and sizes for their cranksets.  These models come in either 160mm, 165mm or 170mm.  These cranksets are made from forged aluminum and are CNC machined…46T Chainring.  This really is an ideal crankset for any fixed gear setup.  The 46 tooth chainring provides great pairing to pretty much any fixed gear outfit.  The aluminum is excellent for durability and is very light weight.  These bad boys come in either black or white, so you can stay matching if you want.  Another great thing about this crankset is that shipping anywhere in the USA is absolutely free…check out the auctions below!

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