Copenhagen Knows How to Treat Their Bikers.

John May 15, 2009 1

Copenhagen is truly a city ahead of the curve…they are ahead in their ways of human interaction, transportation and many other facets of life.  This capital of Denmark was also named The Most Liveable City in the World in 2008.  Copenhagen has a very strong urban culture and is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly cities because of their clean water and huge bicycling population…it is said that about 36% of all citizens commute to work via their bicycle.  Isn’t that awesome…people biking.  Even the police in Copenhagen appear to be friendly, caring and rational people…unlike some police I have run into (and i’m sure you have too).  Check out this video of Copenhagen police stopping and giving helmets to cyclists.  How crazy is it that some societies can just be so radically different and seem so much better and forward thinking?  What is holding us back?

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