Davis Phinney slam photo

John May 25, 2011 1

check out this sick photo I found on Prolly today…it is of American Cyclist, Davis Phinney right after he slammed right into a support car while chasing to regain contact with the peloton.  This is a pretty gnarly photo…the dude broke his nose and was deeply cut on the face and arm…facial wounds required 150 stitches…the guy was able to ride again within days of the accident…what a badass.

I wonder what it was like slamming into the back of a car and slicing up your face…what are some of the worst accidents you people have gotten into?  gore stories?  lemme hear them shits.

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  1. David September 8, 2011 at 7:12 am -

    He’s got a real problem there…looks like his chains come off.

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