New Mike’s Bikes: How to Paint/Restore your Bike

John May 1, 2011 1

Mike, from Mike’s Bikes has come out with a new video!  This time he is doing a 2 part series on how to paint and restore…the first part of this tutorial is all about prepping the your bike for paint…you are gonna need a lot of junk to do this, but its a fun project for sure…got all the materials listed below the video…peep the video and be on the lookout for part 2!

Tools you need:
Saftey glasses
paint brush
Rubber gloves
Paint / aircraft Stripper
Wire Brushes
Wax and grease remover
shop rags
wet sanding Sandpaper from 320 grit to 1000
spray bottle with water
Masking tape
steel wool

Getting scotch bright sanding disks with adapter for your drill at home

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