NJS Bomber Pro Restoration, from Mike’s Bikes

John May 21, 2011 0

I came across a bunch of really sick videos Mike’s Bikes has put together recently and this one is really good…it’s a video showcasing an NJS Bomber Pro that has been totally restored and looks freakin amazing.

NJS Bomber Pro Restoration from Michael Shrewsbury on Vimeo.

54cm NJS bomber pro (31 inch stand-over height)
NJS Stamped Sugino 75 cranks
NJS Stamped nitto 80mm stem
NJS Stamped nitto seatpost
Nitto rb-021 bullhorns
Fsa hand polished 49t chain ring
MKS slyvan pedals
NJS stamped Toe Cages
Toshi Double Straps
Campy Headset
Campy Bottom Bracket
Polised Deep v wheelset
Eai 18t cog
Dura ace lock ring
Soma Everwear back tire
Selle Saddle

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