It’s not the bike, It’s the Motor.

John June 1, 2011 0

hahaha, I saw this super awesome video over on Locked Cog earlier today…it’s a super funny video but gets across a message that gets lost with a lot of people these days…both in cycling and outside of cycling.  Some rich bich motherflower thinks that the most expensive thing is going to make them better or solve all their problems…well, negative.  It really just makes the person look like an asshole for purchasing something so impressive and not even be able to properly take advantage of it’s benefits or ride for that matter…i always say, take baby steps…get a piece of shit, try it out, learn and grow….bich.

It’s Not The Bike from Will Rei on Vimeo.

Buying $3000 bike does not make you Eddy Merckx.

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