NYPD Caught on Tape Harassing Bikers…AGAIN

John June 4, 2009 0

As most of you probably know, the last Friday of every month means its time for critical mass…an activity which happens in over 400 cities all around the world.  It is basically just an undetermined, unrouted ride that takes place with sometimes hundreds of bikers…it is really quite fun.  Well we’ve heard of NYPD Harassment in the past, actually it was just at last month’s Critical Mass…funny how that works out.  Well, pretty much same story here.  As you can see from the video below, NYPD officers followed the riders on scooters the entire way, and when four members of the ride STOPPED AT A RED LIGHT AS THE REST CONTINUED THROUGH, they issued them all tickets for failing to stay in the right hand lane…so bogus.  Then it seems as though they arrest a man for no particular reason.  Things are getting out of hand.

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