Fixed Gear Bicycle Gloves

John July 25, 2009 2

Bicycle gloves are pretty important regardless of what kind of bike you are riding.  You probably see people all the time riding with gloves and some riding without…who is correct?  No one, it is just simply personal preference.  Some people enjoy the protection that gloves offer their hands and fingers, while others prefer a more natural feeling…which goes more with the whole fixed gear, simple concept.

There are tons of differnt kinds of bicycle gloves out there, but what is the best kind for you?  First, we have full finger and fingerless gloves…that is the first decision you have to make in your quest to find the best glove.  If youre trying to keep warm, I’d recommend full finger gloves.  Another good tactic for warming your hands is to use leather gloves with insulation.  If you are trying to keep cool in the summer, I would recommend fingerless; vented or perforated gloves are also helpful on those hot summer days.  Many brands such as Pearl will sometimes incorporate graphite into the fibers which will allow the palm to get a sort of dry lubrication.  This helps to keep your hands soft and healthy.  There are tons of other factors when it comes to looking for the perfect bike glove…check  out all of the bicycle gloves we have in the store, and check out these latest deals on gloves on eBay.


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