Kromica 700c Fixed Gear Wheelsets

John July 12, 2012 0

Here are some fixed gear 700c wheelsets that have been very popular and selling very well on eBay lately.  These wheelsets are made by Kromica and are 700c which is generally the size for most fixed gear bicycles.  These Kromica wheelsets are a super deep v rim design which means a super strong, deep wheel…the stronger the wheel the better…have you seen what kids have been doing on these bikes lately?  These things need to be about as strong as bmx bikes now!  These wheelsets make for a great bargain…included in the set you will find 2 wheels (front and rear), 2 tires, 2 tubes and a fixed cog and lock ring.

Kromica is not only known for sick wheels, a while back they came out with the Kromica Shadow SE fixed gear bike which is a very nice and affordable choice for anyone looking for a nice priced fixie.  These are some quality wheels right here.  The color choices you can choose from are red, black, orange, white, blue, yellow, lavender pink, light blue and green…something for everyone!  Check out some of the auctions on these bad boys below!

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