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John July 15, 2010 1

suburban riot evolutionCheck out this pretty sick clothing company based out of Los Angeles, Sub_Urban Riot…If you are a huge and dedicated follower of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you may have already heard of the brand…many of their t-shirts can be found in the show…Mac and Charlie have been seen on camera wearing a number of different designs…they just started out designing tees and putting them on the characters, but as things progressed, they began designing tees specifically for each character…I mean, you can’t help but notice how perfectly some clothes just work on these characters, especially Charlie and the famous horse tee.  Anyways, a few of their designs incorporate bikes and cycling, which is cool, check out the picture to the left…cycling is one of the things that sparked their passion for making clothes for the progressive eco-friendly lifestyle many cyclists adhere to.  Sub_Urban Riot also incorporates sustainable materials for their clothing, from organic cotton to recycled polymer based materials.  Sub_Urban Riot’s look and feel is a result from years of influence that is both “Sunny hedonism, and rainy clarity.”  As the name Sub_Urban Riot suggests, many of the ideas behind the brand contradict one another, “Just as the physical environments where we come from contrast those we live in now.”  This is a cool company, check em out…they support cycling.

its always sunny

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