Behind the Scenes of Premium Rush

John August 25, 2012 0

I know you’re probably all tired of hearing me talk about Premium Rush, the movie about fixed gear bike messengers in the Big Apple, but recently IFC came out with a very interesting interview with the Director of the film, David Koepp, and the star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  This interview goes behind the scenes of the movie and really gets to the bottom of what it took to make this movie and the inspiration for the whole project.  The main attraction for me about the movie Premium Rush is that there is no CG (computer graphics) in the movie, this is an old fashioned movie where stuntmen and properly planned action rules; something that you don’t see to much of anymore.

joseph gordon levitt riding through traffic

I also like the fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt took 6 weeks to train and learn how to ride in order to make the movie authentic and true to the lifestyle.  Read the whole interview here and be sure to check out the movie which should be playing everywhere as we speak!


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