Cyclist Killed by Cement Truck in NYC

John August 19, 2011 0

The intersections in NYC are some of the most dangerous places to go through in the country…last night that proved to be the case again.  A cyclist was killed on Delancey Street between Chrystie and Bowery after falling underneath the rear wheels of a cement truck.  Witnesses said the cyclist “seemed nervous” and lost control of his bike, which caused him to fall between the truck’s massive wheels.  According to the police, the victim was wearing a helmet but faltered on his bike because his chain fell off the sprocket….pronounced dead at the scene…very tragic stuff.

This marks the 5th cycling fatality in less than 60 days.  Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer went on to tweet shortly after the accident, “No more waiting: DOT must fix this dangerous mess and save lives now.”  check here for more information.

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