Diplo & Datsik ft. Kay – Pick Your Poison Out Now!

John August 2, 2011 0

Check out this new track from Diplo and Datsik, “Pick your Poison ft. Kay.”  I don’t know the rest of the world’s general consensus on this kind of shit, but I think it sounds pretty cool…its a bit dubsteppy but if you can make it through that, then maybe you’ll like it…

“Now available everywhere, Diplo and Datsik’s “Pick your Poison ft. Kay” is as much of a dubstep banger as a bumpin’ club anthem. Teeming with ripping synths, stuttering electro kicks, and bowel shaking bass, the two production wizards deliver an undeniably massive sound while Kay’s bubbling vocals take the vicious banger to dance floor territory.”

via mad decent.

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