Don’t Skid on Wet Pavement!

Found this over on the fixed gear blog...don't try and skid on wet pavement, especially when you are surrounded by might get run over.

fixed gear wet pavemtn

4 comments on “Don’t Skid on Wet Pavement!”

  1. PabloSol

    And if you do it, dont fall in front of national television, LMAO.
    video is from DWDD dutch television.

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  3. Pete Forsyth

    Um, wrong lesson — skidding on wet pavement is one of the greatest pleasures known to mankind! and perfectly safe if you know what you’re doing.

    Alternate lessons:
    * Don’t ride like a jackass in thick traffic
    * Especially if you don’t know how to control your vehicle
    * Be especially careful when MID-skidding (i.e. skidding sideways) on wet pavement


  4. John

    Yes…if you know what you’re doing, the chances of this happening to you will decrease severely. Have fun and be responsible

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