Subrosa 2012 Letum Freestyle Fixed Gear

John August 22, 2011 0

Subrosa is a super sick and affordable fixed gear brand…they make some really awesome and affordable fixed gear completes…definitely a great brand to check out if you are interested in going fixed or want to step up into the FG freestyle world…this bike is barspin capable.  The 2012 Subrosa Letum comes in a variety of sizes and colors…my personal favorite is the colorway seen here, the white with red blood splatter…the amount of splatter varies on each bike so each one is different, pretty cool.  The bikes are brand new, never ridden and come in the original box…weighs approximately 22.3lbs and comes partially  assembled.

Subrosa is a smaller rider owned company with focus on design, strength, style and value…these bikes are amazing quality at an affordable price…check out these Subrosa fixed gear bikes for sale through the following eBay auctions:

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