Top Chumps: The Art Collective Look

John August 6, 2010 0

Vice Magazine just put out a feature today called top chumps in which they call out and poke fun at the top chumps…Chump really is a great word.  The art collective really is an interesting breed.  You’re nobody in east London these days unless you’re in an art collective. These gaggles of “artists” – who have names that make absolutely no sense, like Golden Mirage or Neon Futurism – skulk around like twee Malcolm McLarens, thinking they’re part of a decade-defining movement, when all they’re doing is putting on exhibitions with grown men who draw pictures of stuff like an alien playing a guitar. Although their look is quite understated, they are very easy to spot since they all have the appearance of someone who has been dressed by their parents for a day trip to see their grandfather in the countryside in the spring.  Check out the full article to find out more about the current Top Chumps.  The Fixed Gear is an absolute must for the art collective…see picture below.

fixed gear cartoon

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