YNOT Cycle Hell Track 4

John August 26, 2011 0

Here is a really cool video from the 4th Hell Track race held in Toronto…it’s not a super awesome bmx race like in RAD but rather a sick competition consisting of sprints, high bunnyhop contest, and a longest skid contest…there were over 50 people and looks like a blast…check out YNOT

“This is the 4th Hell Track race in Toronto. The race is held traditionally around a school but this time Tom Mosher decided to throw the race in the West Toronto Cycling Railpath. A cycling highway of sorts located between Dupont Street (right where the YNOT Cycle Shop is located) and Dundas Street. The Sprints, Bunnyhops and Longskids competition had over 50 participants and we had a bunch of people watch and have a great time. Thanks again to all the sponsors. Enjoy the video put together by YNOT Cycle’s Photographer/Videographer  Nick Iwanyshyn” via YNOT

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