2011 SOBIKE Cycling Winter Jacket

John September 16, 2011 0

That’s right…today is the first chilly day I have felt since the blazing heat from the summer and that made me go digging around for a jacket or something to wear on my ride today.  Got me thinking, I don’t really have a nice cycling jacket for the winter…I might check one of these out, the 2011 SOBIKE Cycling winter jacket…and it’s all black which is right up my alley…not the safest color but it has reflective shit all on it too.

This jacket features WINDOUT, which is a high polymer polyester coating…this makes the cycling jacket both water-repellent and wind proof.  The coating is very light but once connected with other warm materials it becomes very warm…the jacket also has 3 rear pockets and a hidden pocket on the shoulder…for your STASH, nah u no im playin.  check out some more pics of this jacket below and also some live auctions for the 2011 SOBIKE cycling jacket for sale below:

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