“Cyclisk” Bicycle Obelisk in Santa Rosa

John September 10, 2010 0


Well, this thing is pretty cool…I saw this over on the fixed gear blog, but I remember hearing something about a Bicycle Obelisk a few months ago.  If you are wondering what an obelisk is (like I was), it is a tall, narrow, four-sided, tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top.  This is a huge piece of bicycle art that was recently installed in the City of Santa Rosa.  This Bicycle Obelisk known as, “Cyclisk” is the creation of artists Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector.  As you can probably tell, this monumental public artwork is made out of recycled bicycles, concrete and steel and stands 60 feet tall.  This project was made possible through the City of Santa Rosa in conjunction with Nissan of Santa Rosa…if you are ever in the city of Santa Rosa, go check it out…it is located along Santa Rosa Avenue in front of Good Stuff Auto.

bike obelisk

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