Fixed Gear Accessory – Bike Pentagram Pins

John September 10, 2012 0

devil riding bikeAh, the pentagram…the universal symbol all badasses use to let people know just how badass they are.  This symbol used to be reserved for the goths and stoners in high school, but no more…this symbol has been modified and adapted for this day and age’s only true badass…the fixed gear rider.  I mean really, if I had a dollar for every dipshit on a fixed gear bike I saw with a pentagram or an upside down cross patch/pin/sticker, I’d be loaded instead of listing different kinds of fixed gear bikes for sale on this website.  Don’t worry though, it’s not just the fixie heads; skateboarders also seem to share this universal passion for Satan (or at least the image of having passion for Satan).  I’m kidding, I’m kidding…I have seen this image done over and over, but who am I to talk with a PBR logo on the upper left hand corner of my website?  Get your fix for all things cool with these bike pentagram pinback for sale through these eBay auctions.

Bike Pentagram 1 Pinback Button Track Fixed Gear Punk
Bike Pentagram 1 Pinback Button Track Fixed Gear Punk $1.89
Time Remaining: 24d 9h 30m
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