New Mercier Kilo TT

John September 22, 2011 0

ktblk_2100Now here is a great bike at a great price…the 2009 Mercier Kilo Tt. Pretty much everyone I have ever talked to who have this bike are 100% satisfied and stoked on it. Like many other fixed gear bikes, the Mercier Kilo Tt comes with a flip flop hub and in a variety of different sizes…so if you are in the market for your first fixie, this would be an excellent choice; the excellent price on this fixed gear bike also makes this a supreme choice for anyone looking for an affordable entry into the world of fixed gear bikes. The frame is extremely solid and comfortable; it is a Mercier custom double butted and tapered reynolds 520 cromoly frame. One other cosmetic advantage of this fixed gear bike is the variety of different colors that are available for the Mercier Kilo Tt..such as pink, green, yellow, orange, etc. Check out some of the great deals on the 2009 Mercier Kilo TT for sale below.

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