Premium Rush…good for cycling?

John September 23, 2011 2

So by now I am sure you all have heard of Premium Rush, the movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt where he is a bike messenger in NYC.  In the movie he rides a fixed gear and the movie pretty much forces fixed gears down your throat in an attempt to grab mainstream America’s attention on this cool new trend.  Well i read this article that poses an interesting question: is this movie dangerous for cyclists in major metropolitan areas like New York?  Does the movie encourage riders to ride dangerously through traffic?  splitting lanes and running red lights?  Just like everything in life, it is only as dangerous as you make it.

If you want to ride like an asshole and be that guy, then you are definitely increasing your chances of getting messed up…but does the movie encourage it?  I don’t think so…it’s a movie…it’s not real…and in real life, one guy on a fixed gear bike is not going to take down an entire crime organization by doing wheelies and skids…it might look cool, but its not real and i think people know it.


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