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John September 15, 2011 1

From everything I have been seeing from people who are at Interbike, the Soda Pop fixed gear bikes from SE has been a real hit…it just looks so neat and cool, a cute little trick track bike for all the little groms out there.  The 20″ has a coaster brake to keep things simple and safe, while the 24″ is a bit taller and has a freewheel and handbrakes…so it looks like a fixie but no fixed cog…honestly just ride a bmx bike at this point right?

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  1. Joe November 30, 2011 at 2:46 pm -

    It sounds like you may not have kids.

    Actually, most kids who are riding across town with their families don’t enjoy doing it on a bmx for the same reason you or I wouldn’t. Bmx bikes are not especially comfortable or efficient for distance.

    Looking neat is the very first thing most kids want in a bike. It is closely followed by having gears. The ral draw back of these bikes are the lack of a 3 speed internal hub with a clever fun shifter like an old schwinn had

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