Things Republicans Hate: Cyclists

John September 26, 2010 0

hipster fixed gearThis is pretty funny, saw the link for it over on bike blog nyc…Im sure everyone has heard of the website,, well now there is a website based on the same sort of idea…  The link on bike blog nyc, of course mentioned no. 37 on their list, and that was cyclists.

“Riding a bicycle has become fashionable for extreme liberals known as ‘Bohemians’ or ‘Hipsters’.    These hipster cyclists can often be seen with their right pant leg rolled up. This fashion statement is the equivalent of a pierced right ear (they’re gay).  Hipsters enjoy riding their bikes to useless, liberal arts courses and head shops.”

“Republicans often consider cycling to be an activity that does not
technically count as a sport.”

There is definitely some funny shit in this article…check out the whole thing here.

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