Where to Buy Fixed Gears?

John September 12, 2012 0

Many people, especially those who are new to fixed gear bikes, often wonder, “Where the heck can I buy a fixed gear bike?”  They aren’t as widely available as normal freewheel bicycles, cruisers, bmx bikes or mountain bikes; fixed gear bikes are a bit more specialized and in order to find them, you may have to look a bit harder.  Here is a nice little list of places you might be able to find a decent fixed gear bike for sale at a decent price (if you live in a small town, especially one without a local bike shop, the internet might be your best bet!)

1) Duh, buyafixie.com

You can always find awesome deals from all over the internet right here on buyafixie, in our fixie bike store.  We go through eBay to find great deals on everything from complete bikes to odd accessories and fixie parts!  Obviously, there are also many other online stores to get your fix…one in particular I like is City Grounds, check them out!

2) Your local bike shop

It’s 2012, more and more people are starting to catch the fixed gear wave so more and more bike shops are starting to carry fixed gear inventory, whereas years ago, you might of just had to end up building one yourself.  Bike shops these days are carrying many different fixed gear brands and models; there are even fixed gear specific shops in many major cities (count yourself lucky if you got one of those).  Fixie shops are almost like what skateshops are these days, gives you a place to hang, maybe watch some videos, meet up with your friends and go ride!

3) Online Custom Shops

There have been more and more shops popping up online where you can have fixiebikes custom built for you according to your own specifications, pretty cool but can also be pretty expensive!  Check out Republic Bike for an idea of how this whole process works!

4) Craigslist

Yep, What can’t you find on Craigslist??  They have everything listed on that site, plus if you buy locally its much easier; you can pick it up already assembled, no shipping costs, and it’ll most likely be cheaper!

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