Ruben 700c Fixed Gear Freestyle Fork

John October 11, 2011 0

Here is another brand of cheap fixed gear freestyle forks you can get pretty good deals on through eBay…its just some random manufacturer from Taiwan that i guess people buy a bunch of and then try to sell off on eBay.  I mean, there are definitely more quality products out there that you can get, but they will definitely run you a lot more money.  Here’s a solid fixed gear freestyle fork that can take the abuse of fgfs and perform decently for a relatively inexpensive price…nothing wrong with that.  If you get more involved with the sport, then down the line you can invest in some better shit (much like any sport or lifestyle you know dude).

The new stylish design, they are two hooks on the fork, which could provide you two choose of the angle. FO620 is used high quality CP color, the design and colors are unique on the market.  Check out more information on this fixed gear fork below in the following eBay auctions.

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