The Sperm Bike

John October 1, 2012 0

Yes, yes…a sperm bike!  I saw this article over on Eco-mobility which is an awesome new online community for cyclists and other people who fancy green modes of transportation.  I saw this picture and thought, “what an awesome bike,” but then you read about its actual purpose and function and it kinda blows you away, lol.  The bicycle seen here belongs to the Nordisk Cryobank which is one of Europe’s leading sperm banks.  This bike may catch your eye and be an effective form of advertising, but it is also used for actual transportation…OF SPERM!  The front compartment opens up and specifically holds sperm samples en route to fertility clinics around Copenhagen…genius!  Head on over to Eco-mobility and join the conversation…tell everyone how much you want a sperm bike!

Check out  video of the sperm bike riding around Seattle.

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