EighthInch Single Speed Cranks

John November 1, 2009 2

Cranks are pretty important when it comes to customizing and perfecting your fixed gear to meet your specific needs.  The crankset is responsible for the most important part of every bike: moving you.  The cranks convert the power and energy of your legs into a rotational motion that is used to drive the chain and make the bike move.  Crank sizes can vary in many different sizes to accommodate different sized cyclists…however it isn’t necessarily, the bigger you are the bigger your crank must be.  Typically, with fixed gear bikes or any kind of racing or track bike, cyclists usually prefer shorter cranks because this gives the rider a higher cadence, which is the speed at which you turn your cranks, or pedal.  Check out some of these great deals on some really good fixed gear cranks that are available through eBay.  These are brand new EighthInch aluminum single speed cranks which are great for anyone who is interested in track cycling or fixed gear riding.

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