Top 10 Fixed Gear Bike Videos

John November 6, 2011 0

It’s the weekend…check out some of these top 10 fixed gear videos from around the wonderful world wide web.  Check out these videos, get pumped and go out riding.  These videos cover a wide range…from freestyle competitions, freestyle promos, street…everything…sick list.

10. Keo Curry for DVS Shoes

9. Council of Doom Teaser Video

8. MASH in Austin with Lance Armstrong

7. Fonseca’s Trip to NYC

6. Massan for Leader Bike

5. To Live & Ride in L.A. Trailer

4. Westside Invite Trick Competition (Seattle)

3. Grime – 420

2. Andy Peterson: MASH DVD

1. Wolfpack’s Second Annual All City Team Race

found this list of top 10 fixed gear videos here.  Check out some of the fixed gear bikes available in the store via eBay.

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