Why Not To Skid Stop.

John November 6, 2008 0

Well, the other day I wrote about how to stop on a fixed gear…you can either use a front wheel brake or go without brakes and rely on skid stopping by locking your legs, leaning forward and skidding to a stop. The main reason I would go against skidding is the damage done to your rear wheel. Skidding will cause your rear wheel to wear down considerably faster than braking with a front wheel brake, especially because you tend to skid on the same area of the tire. Tomorrow I will explain ways to sort of get around this and save your tires, but until then I have one more complaint about skidding…it can be very dangerous. Suppose your chain brakes, then what? Worst case scenario, you’re flying down a hill with no way to stop…no way that can end well. In conclusion, have a back-up plan, go with a front wheel brake.

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