2011 Tomcat Uno, Black n Gold

John December 13, 2010 4

tomcat uno gold blackHere is an affordable means to get your hands on your very own fixed gear bike if you aren’t trying to spend hundreds and hundreds of bucks this holiday season…this is the Tomcat Uno fixed gear bike which is manufactured by ToTo Cycling…the world’s largest folding bike factory…but this ain’t no folding bike, this is your standard fixed gear bike with a front brake and one cyclocross style brake level, freewheel and fixed cog so you can flip flop between fixed and freewheel.  This 2011 Tomcat Uno Frame supports rear brake installation but it doesn’t come with one.  This is a really lightweight aluminum alloy frame that also comes with a one year limited manufacturer warranty.  This would make a pretty tight christmas present to those little teens that are going through their hip phase of fixed gear bikes, vans eras and black rimmed glasses…this bike won’t break your heart when your kids move on to the next cool thing and let that bike rot away in the garage…also, if you know any cool art school graduates moving to Brooklyn soon, they will most likely need a fixed gear bike to fit in a little more…this is the perfect one…not expensive, so it won’t hurt too hard when it gets stolen at a rooftop party in Bushwick.  Come on, it’s BLACK AND YELLOW! There’s also black and green, black and white, red white and blue…Check out these fixed gear bikes for sale through the following eBay auctions below:

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  1. ROB February 18, 2011 at 2:28 am -

    hey john ..great site..very helpful.. i feel im in the market for upgrading my fixed gear which i got from the republic bikes site more so not knowing too much about the quality and being completely overwhelmed with the variety out there etc..it seemed right at the time and cool options of coloring and im still somewhat new to the fixed gear culture..but now i feel i want a better quality and perhaps a lighter frame..i was thinking of about 2011 tomcat uno u featured or getting a bike of a site called state bicycle company..i checked for reviews of the site and couldn’t come across any..just wanted to know if you have heard of it and which would be a better bike for the money i spend so i don’t make the same beginner mistakes as last time..any help would be great thanks R.F

  2. John February 20, 2011 at 3:12 pm -

    Hey Rob,
    the tomcat is a really nice bike and those auctions on eBay are pretty cheap…i have a few friends who have that bike and they are all happy with it…the frame is constructed from Cr-Mo alloy and is a pretty lightweight design…obviously more expensive bikes are going to be lighter, but this is a bike you can get for $300 bucks…i think it looks pretty cool too…and there are some quality parts on this thing. another sorta beginner-ish bike i would recommend is The Hour, from Windsor…i like that bike.

  3. ROB February 21, 2011 at 4:46 am -

    Thanks John on the info. For the bike.. any Chance u heard about that State bicycle company website??.. Was trying to get a review on the bikes or know if they make a descent product that doesn’t just look cool .. Thanks in advice

  4. jonathan salgado July 20, 2011 at 12:13 am -


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