Fixed Gear Dating Advice!

John December 2, 2008 0

I came across this article on that was all about dating advice and tips related to fixed gear bikers…it is pretty amusing. I would like to present you with a few excerpts from this article…enjoy.

What’s the best way to hit on a fixed-gear biker?
Minimize all chance of possible injury. Riding a fixed-gear is scary! Also, do not wait for your fixed-gear beloved to lock up their bike, then covertly let all the air out of their tires, so that later you can “coincidentally” show up with a hand pump to save the day. If you meet each other while riding, ask if you can accompany them for a while. Just be prepared to go fast and not stop. Or, talk to them about the experience of riding this type of bike. When did they first start riding? How did they learn about fixed-gears? What’s different about the bike? It truly is a unique sensation and any fixed-gear rider, who isn’t too full of herself, will love to divulge.

I want to plan a bike-friendly date. What should I do?
Don’t make everything about the bike. Go somewhere afterwards — on the bike of course — like to dinner, or a movie. Getting ice cream after a bike ride is also super-cute, and romantic.

see the entire article here.

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