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        Home > News > Application advantage of fiber fabric air duct in medical elevated storehouse

        Application advantage of fiber fabric air duct in medical elevated storehouse

        Time: 2020-12-21   Preview times:72

        For the newly built modern medical logistics warehouse, the building space is large, the air conditioner covers a wide area, and the roof load-bearing capacity is small. The point-type air supply mode of the traditional iron sheet air duct system will cause uneven air volume during the air supply process, and it is impossible to accurately control the various areas of the warehouse. Humidity; Moreover, the weight of traditional air ducts is a great "burden" for modern medical logistics warehouses.

        For renovation projects, because most air ducts have a long service life, the ventilation ducts often produce condensed water, dust, and bacteria growth, which greatly affects the quality of drug storage, and cannot meet the national "Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Practice" certification Standards.

        With the joint efforts of everyone, the fiber fabric air duct has been used in the newly built or renovated medical warehouse. The air supply is accurate and the covering area is large, so that a good airflow organization is formed in the warehouse. At the same time, the fiber fabric air duct is installed with curtains, which is convenient to install , Permeate the wind without condensation.

        Application advantages of pudding fiber fabric air duct in the medical elevated warehouse:

        1. There are no dead corners and stagnant areas for air supply, to achieve uniform air supply throughout the warehouse and maintain the same temperature.

        2. The surface of the permeable fiber fabric air duct is slowly infiltrating out the wind. Due to the wind pressure, the hot and humid air outside the tube cannot contact the wall of the Farui tube, so no condensation will occur on the surface of the French air duct.

        3. The weight of the fiber fabric air duct is 1/40 of the traditional air duct, which can greatly reduce the load-bearing capacity of the elevated warehouse structure. The finished product arrives at the scene and is suspended by supporting steel wires or slide rails, which is simple and quick. The installation time is 1/10 or shorter than the traditional air duct, which greatly shortens the construction period and saves manpower.

        4. The layout is concise, and the circular shape has more visual beauty and affinity. A variety of colors are available to keep in harmony with the interior style.

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