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        Home > News > Fiber fabric air duct meets the air supply and ventilation conditions of large spaces, making the indoor environment fresher

        Fiber fabric air duct meets the air supply and ventilation conditions of large spaces, making the indoor environment fresher

        Time: 2020-12-21   Preview times:73

        The pudding fiber fabric air duct ventilation system is a modular technology from the fan outlet to the end bag duct distributor. According to the needs of the environment in the building and the individual needs of users, the modular addition and subtraction combination provides indoor green Air and healthy breathing.

        Fiber fabric air duct originated in the frozen and refrigerated food industry. In order to meet the requirements of large space, large cooling capacity and low wind speed, a duct made of canvas appeared. With the development of fiber material technology, the pudding fiber fabric air duct system has also experienced a variety of product forms.

        At the same time, fiber fabric air ducts can also be used in various large-space grid ceilings and local solid ceilings. Such places have large spaces. Fiber fabric air ducts can be designed with different shapes and installation methods according to the height of the space.

        Fiber fabric air ducts can also be used in some places with complicated decorations. Because of the complex decoration, the fiber fabric air ducts can only be installed under the ceiling. In order to match the decoration, the shape of the air duct is generally semicircular. The installation method adopts wall-mounted slide rail installation.

        When installing, pay attention to the following items;

        1. Determine the size and installation location of the air duct according to the design requirements;

        2. The distance between the air pipe and component connection interface and the wall and floor should not affect the operation, and the connection of the valve component interface is strictly prohibited to be installed in the wall or floor;

        3. When the air pipe adopts flange connection. The nuts should be on the same side; the flange gasket should not protrude from the inner wall of the air duct, nor should it protrude beyond the flange;

        4. When connecting the air duct to the air duct, the joint should be in the form of a pre-embedded flange of the air duct or installation of connecting parts, the joint should be filled with fire-resistant sealing packing, and the air duct interface should be firm;

        5. It is strictly forbidden to cross and lay various pipelines in the air duct;

        6. It is strictly forbidden to connect the cable for fixing the outdoor riser with the lightning rod or lightning net;

        7. The air duct system that contains flammable or explosive gas or is installed in flammable or explosive environment should have good grounding measures. When passing through the living area or other auxiliary production rooms, there should be no inner interface, and it should have tight Measures against air leakage;

        8. The air duct for conveying condensed water or moist air containing swallow steam should not be equipped with splicing joints at the bottom, and a drainage tank should be set at the lower part of the air duct;

        9. The measurement hole of the air duct should be set at a place that does not produce eddy current area and is convenient for measurement and observation; the fixed hole on the side of the air duct in the ceiling should be left with a movable ceiling or inspection port.

        With the promotion and popularization of fiber fabric air ducts, it has been applied to various fields of production and life: such as gymnasiums, convention centers, auditorium halls in the public domain; automobile factories, food factories, logistics warehouses, electronic assembly workshops in the industrial field, etc. ; Commercial complexes, supermarkets, specialty stores, etc. in the commercial field.

        In fact, the root cause of poor air quality is that only the results are valued and the pollution sources are ignored. Except for the indoor air quality standards, which are developed by the Ministry of Health from the perspective of disease prevention, the standards of other industries are aimed at evading industry responsibilities and protecting backward companies in the industry. Such as: furniture, building materials pollutants limit standards, construction and decoration pollution control standards, etc. Fiber fabric air ducts have now also established a standard. Dukensos will adopt new technology, high standards, high requirements, and a series of important standards* to develop fiber fabric air duct HVAC ventilation systems.

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