Fixed Gear Bicycle Reviews

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Specialized Langster

The Specialized Langster is one of the finest bikes out on the market, especially if you are looking for a good starter bike that isn’t too exepensive and doesn’t skimp on quality.

Bicycles & Frames

Fuji Elios 2

The Fuji Elios 2 track bike is another great starter bike for anyone who is curious or interested in the fixed gear/track bike style of cycling.  This is a really fun bike to ride, I highly recommend you checking this one out.

Schwinn Exit

The Exit is an excellent starter bike for anyone looking to change up their style of riding. This bike has a number of great features, but most importantly it comes from a very trustworthy and notable company, Schwinn.

gavin fisso fixed gear reviewGavin Fisso

The 2010 Fisso from Gavin Cycles is another great fixed gear starter bike.  This is a very durable, lightweight and simple bike…this bike comes with the option of either dropdown or bullhorn handlebars…lots of options with this one.

raleigh rush hourRaleigh Rush Hour

This is one good looking bike!  This bike features a rugged, simple and utilitarian single-speed drivetrain, a Reynolds 520 steel frame, and as you can clearly see, an awesome blue and grey color scheme.

fbm sword sqFBM The Sword SQ

Check out this sick fixed gear bike frame that is hand made right here on the East Coast in none other than New York City…this is the FBM Sword SQ and it comes in two epic colors…Irock Blue and Clear.