FBM The Sword SQ

fbm sword sq badgeCheck out this sick fixed gear bike frame that is hand made right here on the East Coast in none other than New York City…this is the FBM Sword SQ…you have probably already seen this frame on other blogs like prolly and locked cog…but i just wanted to say something about it too…because these things are so tight.  These new FBM Swords have an OX Platinum top and down tube…The Sword SQ is built in a traditional track geometry…Check out below for complete specifications and information.  The Sword SQ is kinda limited in the sizes though; these frames are only available in 48cm, 52cm and 56cm…so if you can ride that then you are in luck because you could potentially own one of the sickest bikes on the planet.  This frame is available in two sick colors, the Irock Blue which looks real nice and also clear, pictured below.  One of my favorite aspects of this bike is rather superficial though…the head badge on the front proudly displays the unicorn and “HandCrafted New York USA.”  You gotta love that, New York Pride and East Coast Pride.  You can expect this frame to retail for around $530 bones…worth it.  Check out more detailed pictures of this frame below along with detailed specs…or you can check out the FBM Fixed Gear site to view more information and check out more detailed photos of this awesome frame.

fbm sword sq fixed gear

fbm sword sq frame

sword sq specs