Gavin Fisso Fixed Gear Review

fisso fixed gearCheck out these brand new bikes from Gavin, the 2010 Fisso single speed fixed gear bike.  The Fisso frames are composed of chromoly steel, comes with a flip flop hub as well as front and rear brakes.  This bike can also come standard with either dropdown or bullhorn handlebars, totally up to you.  Available in three different colors, the Fisso can be shipped directly to you, ready to ride in flat silver, grey or blue.  The flip flop hub allows for freewheel or fixed gear configuration.

This bike is a great value at a pretty great price.  Some of the other benefits of this bike include its ease of assembly…the thing comes with instructions, but if you’re not really an instruction person, check out youtube videos on bicycle assembly…pretty easy stuff.  The Fisso is also extremely light weight, fast, smooth and handles very well.  This is another one of those bikes that is totally worth a lot more than it sells for…if you are in the  market for your first fixed gear bike, this might be a good call.  Check out some of our other fixed gear bike reviews.  Check out some of these Gavin 2010 Fisso fixed gear bikes for sale through the following eBay auctions below.