Schwinn Cutter Single Speed

When it comes to bicycles of any kind, Schwinn will always hold a special place in the minds of every cyclist on the road.  They are known for always producing quality products for all things cycling related.  I was very pleased to come across an awesome looking single speed fixie that Schwinn had released earlier this year, the 2012 Schwinn Cutter.  This fixed gear road bike is everything you want, and nothing you don’t…the simplicity you come to expect with this type of bicycle.
Schwinn Cutter Single-Speed City Bike
The Schwinn Cutter Single Speed City bike at first glance immediately catches your attention; the paint job alone is more than enough to make kids go crazy for it. The neon green accents on the wheels, seat and grips, set on a clean white frame, really make the bike pop with character. At first sight it looks like a seriously customized setup, lending a bit of creativity to whomever should be seen riding it. The black accents on the wheels, stem, crank and seat post also add to the overall visual appeal of this well made bicycle.
schwinn cutter road bike
This fixie frame is made of extremely sturdy and durable Hi-Ten steel that delivers a very comfortable ride.  The flat handlebars are setup in an upright position along with dual-pivot caliper brakes for both the front and rear wheels…a very essential accessory for any new fixie rider.  Like most fixed gear bikes these days, the Schwinn Cutter comes equipped with an 18-tooth flip-flop cog/freewheel that lets you ride the bicycle as a single-speed freewheel, or as a fixed gear in which the cog is directly attached to the rear wheel with no freewheel mechanism, meaning that as long as at the wheels are moving, you are pedaling.  As an added bonus, this bike comes with durable wheel sets that feature high-flange track hubs and double wall rims for strength.

This bike is available through Performance Bicycles at a super low price which I would recommend to anyone looking for an affordable yet high quality fixed gear bike.  There are quite a few options when it comes to making your first fixed gear purchase (so many it can feel overwhelming), some which can break your bank and others that just wont be worth your buck.  The 2012 Schwinn Cutter is the perfect affordable fixie bike for anyone looking to test the waters, or anyone looking for a quality single speed bike if you come to find out that fixed gear is not your cup of tea.