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Polo Mallets

Bike Polo Mallets are on the rise with the increased popularity of urban bike polo…there are many ways to create your own mallet with pretty typical household items, but Eighthinch makes some really nice polo mallets.

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Polo Mallet Heads

These polo mallet heads are designed specifically to stand up to the abuse of hard court bike polo and come with matching replaceable caps and hardware.


Polo Mallet Shafts

These bike polo mallet shafts are designed specifically for bike polo, these aren’t your diy ski pole shafts, these are t6 alloy 19mm O.D. straight tubing polo shafts…these polo mallet shafts will last for a long time…just don’t get pissed and smash it.

Bicycles & Frames

Bike Polo Balls

Bike polo balls are super high density balls…some balls are designed differently for different weather conditions, so keep that in mind when looking…make sure to have extra…gotta watch out for those sewers.