Bells and Horns

Fixed Gear Misconceptions.

There are many misconceptions about the fixed gear bike. This section sets out to disprove these misconceptions about the fixed gear, and put a more positive spin on this style of riding.

Bike Lights

How Do I Know What Size Glove I Wear?

Picking out sizes in things can be tricky if you don’t know how to measure correctly…this guide will help you determine what size bike glove you wear so you can order the correct size without trying them on.

How To Stop on a Fixed Gear Bike.

There are a couple of different methods to slowing down and coming to a complete stop on a fixed gear bike…this guide will show you these methods and how to perform them.

Bike Stands

Why Ride a Fixed Gear?

In order to understand the benefits, you have to look past the negative stigmas of the lifestyle and personalities that often get associated with it, and just see it for the healthy activity that it is.